Life Drawing

Nude life drawing classes are fast becoming more and more popular among hen’s parties in Australia. When deciding if an art class will be what your event needs, there are some standard questions that pop in to people’s minds. Let me clear a few things up. There are many entertainment companies out there that that offer this service but run it in a way that I don’t think is really tailored to a hen’s party. It will be a full 2-hour class on drawing and all you do is sit there as the host walks you through drawing techniques while the nude model stands there in a pose for 10 minutes at a time with no interaction because everyone is so focused on the piece of paper in front of them. I mean, that would be fine if you were studying art but if you ask us, they can be so much better and are so much better if you book with us.

Over time and through experience, we’ve put together our own version of a life drawing class. Which we have designed to suite hen’s parties, especially Canberra hen’s parties. We haven’t taken out the element of learning a little bit about drawing, we have only made it more fun. The schedule has everyone having fun from the beginning, interacting and getting comfortable with the sole host/nude model before he gets naked and you start drawing him like ‘Jack and his French women’.

A life drawing class needs lots of supplies like paper and pencils, easels and smocks etc. We’ve got you covered. Your nude drawing class supplies are included along with the host who will also triple as a waiter and nude model. This obviously needs to be a guy who is highly trained and confident within his-self and in his ability. That happens to be everyone in our team so we’re confident you’ll have the best experience if you book a nude life drawing class with us.


There are boundaries whenever an entertainer enters the realm of an audience which are there to ensure the safety of the participants and also the performer. Your host will run through the rules around what you can a can’t do in certain times of the party/class before you get started. Every rule is based on being able to have as much fun as possible while still being respectful and maintaining consent. That works both way.

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