Male strippers

About our team :

If you want to be entertained by the most experienced group of Male Strippers in Canberra, then you’ve come to the right place. Every member of our team was handpicked based not only on being attractive and charismatic (which they all are), but also because they are genuinely great guys. In our book, this is more important in Canberra than anywhere else in Australia because, as you know if you live here, it doesn’t take long to develop a bad reputation. Our team has been highly trained by reputable people in the industry to be the best in the way we conduct ourselves but also to be respectful throughout our professional performance/s and to never assume consent but to actually ask for it.

We travel: Sydney, South Coast bookings and rural NSW bookings:

We now offer Male Stripper & Topless Waiter services in Sydney, the south coast of NSW, rural areas of NSW and everywhere in between. From as far up as the Central coast and Newcastle, as far down as Merimbula and Bega, and of course every town between. We still guarantee professionalism and epic entertainment just like we do back home in Canberra.

With hen’s parties often traveling away from the big cities more and more these day, towns like kangaroo valley and locations more inland visits are fast becoming a regular occurrence.

Of ‘Men of Desire’ show is planning on doing multiple stage shows in some coastal areas of South Coast of NSW as well so please follow the social medias for updates there.

Enquiries and making a booking:

We’ve made the process as simple as we could. If you do have questions about anything at all you can either call or email our director Tommy.

Tommy Desire is the easily the most experienced male entertainer in Canberra as he has hosted hundreds of parties ranging from hens parties, nude drawing classes, birthdays, divorce parties(yes, they’re a thing. If you’re a recent divorcee then maybe you need to speak to Tommy), etc. in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

He has seen and heard it all before so no question/request is off limits. If you would like to by-pass the formalities and make a booking, you can head to our ‘Make a Booking’ page to do so. Once the deposit is received and the relevant information is obtained, the booking is secure. Your performer will contact you on the day and will arrive on time to perform.

Can you select your performer?

In Canberra, we do not offer the luxury of performer selection here at Desire Entertainment. There are many reasons why but basically it has everything to do with Canberra being too small in population to be able to run things like the large agencies in the other, much larger capital cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Instead we have put together an exclusive team of performers that fit the mould of our own image, which we like to think suites Canberra because we don’t fit the stereotype.

Costume selection:

You can make an enquiry about the costume/act you would like at your party and we will do our best to accommodate. The most popular requests are of course, ‘The Fireman’ and ‘The Policeman’ which our team have lots of experience in playing. If you would like to read about why our director Tommy thinks these are the crowd favourites and which is his, head to our ‘blogs’ page to find out.

Price: $350

Nude strip show

For those with the belief that if you going to do something, you might as well do it properly. Even though this show finishes with tasteful nudity, it is still non-offensive and respectful. With a promise to be hugely entertaining, you will enjoy this!

G-string strip show

We all love a good bum. Your performer goes through his fully choreographed routine that starts off in costume and ends with him in a G-string with a few entertaining, laughter inducing moves along the way.

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