Topless Waiters

I’m sure you’ve heard us mention this before but our team of Topless Waiters as well as the rest of the team, was hand-picked and trained from scratch by our director Tommy. This has ensured the high quality of service that you should expect when booking a Topless Waiter or Male Stripper.

Our Topless Waiters are certainly Men of Desire and not only are they a beautiful group of men, they are also highly trained in the art of connection and conversation. With over 15 years of experience between our team members, you can be certain that you will be hosted by the best in the business when you ‘hire Desire’. We understand better than most that it takes more than just being attractive to be a great Topless Waiter and so every team member of ours has been trained specifically for our style of service that we pride ourselves in delivering.

$100/hr – Minimum 2 hours bookings

Hen’s Party games

There a lots of fun games that can be introduced to a hen’s party, a ladies’ night, divorce parties or birthdays etc. that can really help to get the party going. Our waiters together have hosted hundreds of games so we know which ones do this the best. Your waiter will inject some energy into your event by hosting some unique party games that are very interactive so no one will miss out. He can also be a part of any games you have organised and need help with.

What does a Topless Waiter wear?

Our standard Topless Waiter’s attire is dark jeans with shoes to match with of course, the iconic bow-tie. We do have another option though if you are comfortable with the idea of more skin being shown that doesn’t dull the classy style of our service. That option is called the ‘Hotpants Waiter’. Everything will remain the same, the same charisma and good looks, the same hen’s party games and the same iconic bow tie with the only different being the tasteful Hotpants instead of the jeans.

Consent and Respect

It’s strange that we even need to talk about this because it seems so obvious to us but it is the case that sometimes things can get a little crazy and people can’t control themselves as well as they think in certain situations. I’m sure you will agree that our waiters require these 2 things as much as the people attending the event. We have trained our team member to always act respectfully and never assume consent at any time and all we ask for is reciprocation.

If in the very unlikely situation that something happens and it gets to a point that our team member feels unsafe or they have been violated in some way, they will leave the party and there will be no refund of any kind.

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