Females – Strippers and Waitresses

Since introducing our Girls team to scene here in Canberra, we’ve had nothing but positive feedback about the Performers and Waitresses that have attended all kinds of events. From Bucks Parties to Birthdays to Boys Nights and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. So if you have an event coming up and you would like one of the Hottest Girls in Canberra to come and have fun with you and your friends, now is the time to call.

The different types of Strip Shows really comes down to the Performers themselves. For example there are specialty shows like Dominatrix or Strawberries and Cream shows. When you enquire with us about getting a performer for your event you will be notified about who is available and if they have any specialty shows that they perform. To keep things simple though, you will be choosing between:

  • R-rated show
  • XXX-rated show

Both types of shows are for Adults Only as they both have full nudity. The difference between them is that in an XXX-rated show, you will see more novelty acts and the performers will will incorporate things like toys etc. You get the idea.

Enquire now for prices.

If a Strip Show isn’t for you or won’t be appropriate for your event then you can of course hire a Beautiful Waitress to attend your event. Our Waitresses are super fun to have around and will heighten the energy of any event.

You have a few options here when it comes to what she/they will be wearing:

  • Bikini/Lingerie
  • Topless
  • Nude

Your Waitress/es will help serve drinks and food if you like, but more importantly they will make sure you and everyone involved are having a great time.

Enquire today for availability and prices. Our team will have your talking about your event for a long time to cum, or a short time… 😉

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