“I always knew I would launch a business but I never thought it would be in the adult entertainment industry. I did my first topless waiting job in Perth, Western Australia when I was 21. I had a lot of fun being myself, half naked with a group of 30 women. It was almost instant that I decided that this was what I wanted to do on my weekends. I learned the industry and perfected the craft over the next 5 years as a waiter and as a stripper.

When I moved back to Canberra, ACT, I discovered that there wasn’t much to offer in the way of a quality experience for women’s entertainment. I knew it was my opportunity to bring my years of experience to the women of Canberra. So I put together a brand that I feel suits the needs of Canberra, with a quality team to match.

The team I have handpicked and trained to serve and entertain the beautiful people of Canberra now have a reputation of excellence. We’re here to let you know that it’s okay to sometimes objectify men. If you just want to get together with some girlfriends to be a little bit cheeky and have a handsome topless guy serve you drinks all night, then that’s ok by us.

– Tommy Desire, Owner of Desire Entertainment.”

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