Hummer Limousine Package

Your wedding is just around the corner. This could well be the last time you party as a single. You’ve got the outfit, the hair, the shoes and the squad. Now you need the ride and a venue. Let the Canberra Hummer be both.

Canberra Hummer can make your Hens Night more special with our exclusive super-luxurious, super-comfortable Hummer limousine.

The Hummer limousine is beautifully appointed and fitted with all the features we know will help you say goodbye to your bachelorette life in style.

Hummers command presence. Riding in one on the streets of Canberra is bound to get you and your friends noticed. It is hard to avoid a 36-foot beast with 37-inch tyres, and dark-tinted windows, cruising past because everyone knows, bigger is better.

Why wait until you get to the restaurant, bar or nightclub to start your party? With Canberra Hummer, you can start the party from the get-go. Your professional chauffeur will pick you up at your door and take you to and from your party venue safely. The team at Canberra Hummer will take care of all the logistics and do all the driving because they want you to have the best night ever for your final send off with your friends.

If you enjoy a good ride, we highly recommend riding in one of the exclusive Hummer limousines for a minimum one-hour, before you cruise to your venue with plenty of time to enjoy all the special features they have carefully selected for you and your friends. They can also create a custom itinerary to suit your party plans and needs.

Start the evening with a toast to the future Bride with complimentary champagne, soft drinks, and water on ice. Then turn on the music to party with our state-of-the-art sound surround system. Turn the interior of your large 16-seater hummer into a mobile nightclub by adding some colour lights to illuminate the floor and ceiling.

By the time you arrive at your venue, you will be in the mood to party! The best part of it all? You can party as hard as you like because your personal chauffeur can be waiting to drive you and your friends home safely.

Of course if you are having a Hen’s party for yourself or your girlfriend then the very luxurious Canberra Stretch Hummer should definitely be on the list and why not top off the experience with hiring the company of a beautiful Topless man to help get the party started. The Topless Waiting team at Desire Entertainment have served and performed in all types of venues and moving venues such as this is no exception. Why not pick up your Topless Waiter and have him serve you drink in the intimate environment?


1 hour = $700 (original $770) + Topless waiter $120


2 hours = $920 (original $990) + topless waiter $190

$1 110

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